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Mental Math Expert

Mental Math Expert is a mental arithmetic game. Have you tried to get the answer "practice practice practice", to the question how to get better at mental math? But how to get plenty of good quality material and at the right level of difficulty that you would like to use to practice your skills?
Well, this is the application for you! With Mental Math Expert you are able to set the exact number range and choose the arithmetic operator you would like to improve, and you can choose between a lot of settings to make the questions fit your preferences.
This can all be done in the following 3 main game categories Training, Evolution and Challenge.


This is the classic game mode, where you got a keypad which can be modified in various ways. Look at "Resizing and moving the keypad" for further information.
Training is the game mode, where you are in charge of what you practice. You can set the exact arithmetic operator you like to train, you can set the number range, and choose if there should be negative or decimal numbers. You can even set a timer or the number of questions, and Flash Anzan is also supported.
Try to win this challenging evolution mode. You will have to fight your way from table 1 all the way to table 20. The evolution will start easy with addition and subtraction questions in a very easy range, but it will progressively become harder, and more arithmetic operators and larger ranges of numbers will come into play.

Can you master the evolution mode?


Each table has its own set of levels, that you have to master before you reach the top level and subsequently and move on to the next table.

With the statistical overview you will be able to see your progress to the set challenge limit.
Can you finish all the challenges?
In this game mode, you can try your luck on many challenges in different arithmetic operator and difficulty levels. You will have to solve the preset number of questions in the predefined time limit.

Additional features

The Game mode levels

These levels are physical based, that means you have to physically drag the numbers to their corresponding place, so the arithmetic question on top makes sense. These levels are available in Training.

3. Level

Here you have to drag the right answer up to the top area, so the question on top gets completed.

1. Level

You have to place both numbers in the center, so they touch each other and give the answer after the equal sign on top. Do have the arithmetic operator in mind.

2. Level

On this level the corresponding arithmetic sign has to be dragged up to the numbers, so they together can give the correct solution.

4. Level

This is the more complex type. You need to place the correct number on the shelves on both sides, and the correct arithmetic sign in between to fulfil the equation on top.

Game mode settings

Here you can choose between the classic, the four different game modes and Flash Anzan. These are all available in the Training and Evolution mode. There is one difference to these two game categories. In Training you are only able to select one game type at a time, where in Evolution you can select all the game types you like to have in the pool of randomly chosen game modes, Flash Anzan is not supported in Evolution.

Resizing and moving the keypad

This is done by going to the menu in the classic game mode and hit the resize keypad icon. In this menu you can accept the new settings or reset to the default. The keypad is resized with pinch to zoom gestures, and moved by dragging the keypad to the desired place. Hit the accept key to take over this new settings.
You can resize and move the keypad of the classic game mode, so you can fit it to large-screen devices, or just place it so that right and left handed users can have the best access to the keypad.

The resize feature is a fantastic tool to fit the keypad on tablets. Being able to move the keypad to your desired place, makes this perfect for both right and left handed users.

By the way, these settings are global for all classic game modes in Training, Evolution and Challenge.


Here you can see some fun statistics about how much time you have spent calculating stuff, and how many questions you have answered. Further down you can see how you are doing in the different arithmetic operations. The main level on the top center is a reference level, it has no purpose other than being a reference to how much effort you have spent in the game, and can thus be used as an overall parameter to compare with your friends :)

Arithmetic operations and settings


Addition  and Subtraction have the same settings menu. You have to select a field  and then use the number pad to enter a value. To deselect one field  click it again. Are you happy with your new settings just hit the check  mark to accept and close the settings menu.
To delete a value and enter a new value, just reselect the field.
Both number fields on either side  of the operator in the middle represent the starting and ending of a  number range, from which the questions will be generated. This is from  left to right, so left shall always be the smallest number and right the  biggest. You can select whatever number range you like, e.g. 0 to 10, 5  to 27 or 30 to 300.
To  get negative numbers, the number range must start or be entirely placed  in the negative segment, this is done by selecting the minus key while a  number field is selected; it will be indicated visually, e.g. -3 to 12  or -20 to -5.
The comma button activates decimal questions. In the field to the right you can select up to 10 decimal places.
The  time and question limits have to be activated or deselected on the  corresponding icon. The time range is in seconds and the task limit  equals the number of questions you will get. They can both be activated  so you can challenge yourself with a number of questions with a time  limit of your choice. Notice that both the time and task limit settings  are global, so they will always be the same through all arithmetic  operations.


Multiplication  and Division have the same settings menu, the only difference to the previous mentioned arithmetic operators is the comma selection.
The  comma button activates decimal questions, to the right you can switch  between
-Even: questions will always end with the selected decimal range.
-Round: The answer is rounded to the selected decimal range.
-No  round: The answer is not rounded after the selected decimal range.
In  the field to the right you can select up to 10 decimal places.


Square root
These settings menu are a bit different, but very similar to the previous mentioned arithmetic operators. The only difference is that one of the number fields will be elevated, this corresponds to the exponent or the index, the normal field is for the base or radicand.

This one is a bit more complicated, you can only set the upper limit the rage will always start from 0.
Then you can choose between X/Y = ?% and X% of Y = ?, so the first is what percentage is X from Y and the second is what is X percentage of Y.
The next button cycles through the percentage size, so should the percentage question be dividable with 10, 5 or 1. This sets the toughness of the questions.
The last button is the percentage range, should it be from 0 to 100 or 0 to 200, you can cycle up to 0 to 500 by pressing this button.

This is quite simple, you can set the table range to train in the left two fields, if you only like to train one specific table, set both left fields to the same table. The number range where you like to train some specific tables can be set in the two right fields.

Flash Anzan

In Flash Anzan you can select the time numbers are shown, and the time between the numbers. The amount of tasks are configurable, and the number range can be customized. You can choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division or mix them as you like, negative numbers are also supported.


You  can choose between 7 different standard color themes. There are two themes that you can customise to be yor prefered color.


You can choose between 3 different profiles.They can be reset by selecting the delete button.

App permissions

This app has the following permissions, and I describe why they are required.
-In-app purchases: There is one, and it is used to remove all advertisement.
-full network access: This one is required to serve ads in the free version, but also to be able to connect to google play services for e.g. achievements.
-view network connections: The same reason as above


Q: How do I remove the ads?
A: You can remove the ads in the settings help(?) screen.

Q: Will there be a Windows Phone version?
A: No, not right now as I do not have the time at the moment.

Q: Can I have a time limit on the physical game modes?
A: No.

Q: The tank does not fill up with water on gaming mode in Training?
A: There has to be set a task limit, for the game to calculate the progress.

Q: Am I logged in to Google play or Game center?
A: Look at the Google play or Game center icon, if it is green you are logged in.

Q: How do I see my achievement page?
A: Click on the Google play or Game center icon when it is green, or click the offline achievement page.

Q: How do I logout of the Google play og Game center?
A: Hold the Google play or Game center icon pressed for about 3 seconds, when a big red circle flash appears, you have logged out.
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