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About One Color Games

One Color Games is a one man company founded by Gunnar Hohlweg in Denmark, run in my spare time beside my other job.

The idea of this company originated from a time where I was seeking new challenges, and stumbled upon coding. I quickly became hooked on the vast amount of possibilities you find in the world of coding, and how much fun it is.

My focus is to generate new ideas, inspired by old and new game concepts. I strive to provide a solid game experience with high quality and a lot of fun. Thus, I will not implement time walls, pay walls, forced recommendations on social media, IAP/in-game gold, microtransactions, harvest your private data, or use other ways to forcefully monetize my games. The game experience should be as intended and not be interrupted by abovementioned systems. I like the idea of paying once, and then being able to play the entire game. I provide my games free of charge but supported by ads; you have also the option to remove the advertisement with an IAP.

I Hope you will have as much fun with my apps, as I had making them, stay tuned for more :)

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