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This is the app to train the mental calculation challenges a pilot faces on a daily basis.
Be prepared for your simulator check or flying lessons, save money training this on the ground and have all the time in the simulator and aircraft to learn flying.
Learn how to become really good and fast at the following:

Cross wind.
Holding entry.
Opposite track.
Descent profile.
Temperature correction.


This is the classic game mode, where you got a keypad which can be modified in various ways. Look at "Resizing and moving the keypad" for further information.
Training is the game mode, where you are in charge of what you practice. You can set the exact arithmetic operator you like to train, you can set the number range, and choose if there should be negative or decimal numbers. You can even set a timer or the number of questions, and Flash Anzan is also supported.
Try to win this challenging evolution mode. You will have to fight your way from table 1 all the way to table 20. The evolution will start easy with addition and subtraction questions in a very easy range, but it will progressively become harder, and more arithmetic operators and larger ranges of numbers will come into play.

Can you master the evolution mode?


Each table has its own set of levels, that you have to master before you reach the top level and subsequently and move on to the next table.
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