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Proceed your way through 6 simplistic worlds in twilight settings. Each world has its own unique play style and features with 15 levels.
Have fun jumping, shooting, building and destroying your way through these challenging worlds.

World One

In world one you will be jumping and wrecking your way
through fun levels.

World Two

Jump higher in world two but be on guard, the small cubes
will reflect you!

World Three

Switch between the player from world one and two, to utilize
their strengths and weaknesses.

World Four

Shoot your way through obstacles in world three, hit those small cubes or they will reflect you!

World Five

You will not control the player directly, but you can pause the
game and build bridges to pave the way over
depths and obstacles.

World Six

The computer will control the player, you can only pause
the game and click the level objects to remove
them, so the player can proceed.

Circles have to be collected by tapping on them with your finger, and you have to collect them all in one run.

Triangles have to be collected by the player, but they do not have to be collected all in one run.


App permissions

This app has the following permissions, and I describe why they are required.
-In-app purchases: There is one, and it is used to remove all advertisement.
-full network access: This one is required to serve ads in the free version, but also to be able to connect to google play services for e.g. achievements.
-view network connections: The same reason as above


Q: How do I remove the ads?
A: You can remove the ads in the settings help(?) menu.

Q: Will there be a Windows Phone version?
A: No, not right now as I do not have the time at the moment.

Q: Am I logged in to Google play or Game center?
A: Look at the Google play or Game center icon, if it is solid and not outlined you are logged in.

Q: How do I see my achievement page?
A: Click on the Google play or Game center icon when it is solid, or click the offline achievement page.

Q: How do I logout of the Google play?
A: Hold the Google play icon pressed for about 3 seconds, when the icon is not solid anymore you have logged out.
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